Face It. Conquer It.

Sometimes the bravest thing we can do is allow ourselves to feel what we suppress and face it. Conquer it. And move on.

To grow closer to the Creator is to grow closer with people — to understand instead of judge, to lend a hand instead of turning away.
Every time we compromise our values, we lose a part of our humanity.

Sometimes the only way to move forward is by revisiting the past and dealing with those things that held us back. Then we can move forward in ways we never thought possible.


Instagram reports 200M users, 20B photos shared


Facebook’s first high-profile acquisition is chugging along: Instagram said a blog post Tuesday that it’s surpassed 200 million monthly active users, up from 100 million just one year ago. According to the post, 50 million of those users were acquired in the last six months, and now roughly 65 percent of the user base is outside of the United States. In an email to Gigaom, the company disclosed that users share roughly 60 million photos per day, and 20 billion photos to date. The user base growth is a good sign, as Instagram continues to pursue monetization opportunities and ad partnerships.

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March Madness: where to watch the 2014 NCAA Tournament live online


Get your brackets ready: The 2013 NCAA Men’s Division tournament will officially start on Tuesday March 18, and continue all the way to the National Championship game on April 7. A number of those games will be on TV when many of us are at the office, but no worries: Once again, all of the action will be live streamed on the web and on mobile devices.

However, there is a twist: Only the 22 games that air on CBS, which includes the National Championship, Elite 8, Sweet 16 and second and third rounds, will be available to everyone online. Games that are shown on TNT, TBS and truTV will require authentication, meaning that you’ll have to log in with the username and password you use for your cable company’s website. This year, authentication will also be required for the two semifinal games.

Most major TV providers, including Comcast, Charter…

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Genius Inspiration


What an amazing time at Market America World Conference 2014 at the America Airlines Arena. It had been some time since I last went to Miami Beach. Seven years ago a dream was conceived within me out of pure desperation mixed with a burning desire to succeed. And at times our journey becomes rocky and we have to fail miserably in order to taste and enjoy the amazing flavor of success, not just financially, but in our relationships, health, and most importantly, our spirit. So this deep longing literally brought me to this amazing and very unique company and people that I had never experienced before, and boy, more than ever I am certain that when they say: never give up on your dreams, they knew what that
meant because they had experienced the magnitude of fulfillment that total success brings when achieved in every level. It comes with great pain, love, happiness, anger, annoyance, and every feeling that challenges our mental, spiritual, and physical strength. But it all works for us. This is why we reap the benefits of Albert Einstein, Beethoven, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs. They are all so different yet so similar in that they all appreciate their success due to the hardships they went through to see their dreams totally fulfilled. They never gave up. This leads me to perhaps articulating how the #MAWC2014 impacted and inspired me. The most trendy, successful, cutting edge company is here: Market America! Cheers!


Support My Aching Feet: Enter the To Live Forever Contest.

The Accidental Cootchie Mama

By the time you read this, I will be walking. Maybe I’ll be through one mile or several. I might already be done for the day. My first fifteen miles on the Natchez Trace from Natchez, MS to Nashville, TN.

I’ll be posting daily, with posts going live at 8:30am EST. Unless I have a ton to say, I’m going to limit my posts to once a day. Please forgive me if the posts run a little longer than normal. Wherever possible, I’ll include links to the following places: Tumblr (for a collection of daily photos); YouTube (for a reader question of the day); other sites (where I may be featured); Twitter, Facebook and Google+ (for random thoughts). If this is all so scintillating that you want to bookmark those now, each highlighted service contains a link.

Today is also the official launch day of my new novel! You…

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To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis: A Dilettante’s Review

Brilliant minds + passionate caring hearts = Mastery.

dilettante factory

To-Live-Forever You remember Andra Watkins, darlings — feisty southern belle of the blogosphere, world traveller, architect lover, cilantro hater, and everyone’s favourite accidental cootchie mama.

And… published author.

I just finished reading her novel, To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis last night, and to say that it affected me deeply would be to say too little. The story of a courageous little girl growing up in despicable circumstances resonated too well with me.

So when the focus of the book became the rescue of this little girl, I was understandably captivated.

Andra doesn’t share much fiction on her blog, and so many readers will only be familiar with her voice as it comes through her personal anecdotes. If that’s your only experience of her writing, you are in for a big surprise. I have a particularly picky palate for prose, and I found myself absolutely enthralled at the…

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