“Those who choo…

“Those who choose to fear what others think and controversy have not started living yet.” ~LoveLearnLead

I find it so amusing when some people who allow themselves to be programmed to believe a certain way, are the ones who fear what others think and causing controversy with all the questions and curiosities that lie within them. Interestingly, I find that these individuals for the most part have been raised with a lot of emotional and intellectual constraints, and they have chosen to stay in that place. My hope is that as they interact with the real world which consists of real people and real situations, they will understand that being open does not mean that you allow other people or things to change the core of you, but instead it helps you discover continually the infinite truth that surpasses what many times we think we know as truth.


2 thoughts on ““Those who choo…”

  1. I totally agree! There are people who hold back on many good things or opportunities in life because they are afraid of what people might say if there is failure but how can one become something or someone without trying or putting any effort. I’m glad I encountered this post because it is a reminder to myself as well. Be Fearless and Rebellious!

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