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A Feminist Perspective on “Sex Yeah” by Marina And The Diamonds

“Sex Yeah” by Marina and The Diamonds

As technology progresses, as the human mind expands and makes more discoveries, why is it that women in the 21st century continue to be sexualized and objectified despite the Feminist movement? Will Masculine hegemony ever end? Aside from these questions, the most important one remains: how can women end the Masculine Hegemony rule in society? Often times, change starts with one group of people who persistently live the change they are fighting for until their cause becomes their lifestyle for the world to see, and finally a legacy that stands grounded for future generations to experience. Change for a cause is always in motion. Change never sits still, and is not complacent. Similarly, as the weather can cause a crop to grow, it can also cause a tsunami in a chaotic magnitude, and so can change in societal norms.

From a feminist perspective, I will be using the song “Sex Yeah” by Marina and The Diamonds. However, I would like to first point out the definition according to Deanna D. Sellnow in her book “The Rhetorical Power of Popular Culture Considering Mediated Texts” (Pg. 89) she describes a Feminist Perspective as focusing on the taken for granted normal roles and rules for men and women in society, suggesting that a dominant ideology controls what people believe as common sense. This doesn’t mean she clarifies, that men oppress women, but more so the hegemony which is reinforced and reproduced by both women and men, which creates a perpetration and reiteration of the dominant American ideology that empowers men and oppresses women. She also goes on to say that essentially a feminist is anyone (male or female) whose beliefs and actions counter the hegemony in that they respect and value women and a feminine perspective.

Marina wrote the song “Sex Yeah” (2012 Elektra) and it sheds light on the current issues that women face: being sexualized and objectified. She writes on how young people view females as a means to get sex when they appeal to their senses, and forgetting the beautiful essence and honor that lies within every woman. Instead, it is normal for males to sexualize and objectify women. It is also normal for women to be preconditioned to see themselves as a sexual object in order to feel pretty and wanted. Marina is encouraging her listeners and fans to question these norms and invites them to go along her own journey of self-discovery, which is that history indeed has given her the best, which is herself as she is and not according to others’ or anything else’s definition. Authenticity, beauty, and femininity are all part of her essence and she reiterates this so well in this song. It is this great self-discovery that she shares through this song that empowers and encourages female and male listeners to take a close look at what their perspective on females is and could it be wrong? Finally, questioning with a perspective to discover truth in order to grow as human beings and become better from the inside out is ultimately what matters.

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3 thoughts on “A Feminist Perspective on “Sex Yeah” by Marina And The Diamonds”

  1. I do agree with your opinion of the meaning of the song and overall I liked what you had to say, my only problem is that Marina and the Diamonds is only one person, not a band. The “band” name comes from her last name being Diamandis, and she refers to her audience as “Diamonds” Sorry to point this out and dedicate a comment to an error, but I wanted to let you know, so that you can fix it.


  2. I agree with everything but just one thing you got wrong (it’s a little tiny mistake a lot of people make). Marina and The Diamonds is not a band 🙂
    The Diamonds are Marina’s fans. She thought it would be nice to have them close to her and include them since they made her successful.


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