Empowered Women Roar


This video of Kate Perry singing her latest song “Roar” truly is inspiring and empowering. I love the depth of this song. It certainly portrays so well how as a woman we often times can allow the one we “love” step all over us to the extent of even compromising our rights. I appreciate how the video clearly shows that when she sees who and what she is and embraces it with complete certainty, she becomes powerful and fearless. She no longer lets anyone or anything define her or control her, because now she is being true to herself, therefore can live in harmony and fulfilled.


3 thoughts on “Empowered Women Roar”

  1. Thanks for stopping by! I love this post probably because I can so relate to the feeling of empowerment a woman feels when she doesn’t let someone/something define who she is. I am just coming to that point in my life, so this resonated deeply with me. Thanks for sharing!


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