Day- To- Day Sexual Harassment Endured By Women

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Just A Small Town Girl...

I recently realised that being on the receiving-end of lewd stares and crude comments from unknown men is a common occurrence in my day-to-day life and up until now I’ve never questioned why that is or whether it’s fair to be objectified on the basis of my sex. And such an issue is faced by an overwhelming majority of women in society.

Wolf whistles, car beeps, long unblinking stares and suggestive comments from men, are what most women must endure when they decide to venture out of the house; and all of these are forms of sexual harassment.

Now I’d like to stress that such actions are in no way flattering… if anything they’re frightening when coming from complete strangers! I’ve been bothered by unwanted ‘admirers’ when I’ve been alone and walking to the train station, waiting to catch a bus or even when I’ve been exercising in the gym!…

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