Should you take the pill?

Wow talking about the importance of being informed when deciding what birth control to choose and know what you are putting in your body…came across this article that definitely caught my attention!



4 thoughts on “Should you take the pill?”

  1. I read the article and found it really interesting.
    I think that like any type of medicine there are always pros and cons to it. I don’t think that any type of birth control is 100% safe, unless of course you practice abstinence. I’ve read up on other birth control forms such as the IUD, the shot, the ring, and the patch and all of them also have their pros and cons. I think it’s up to the female to decide which is best for her. It’s scary how they can damage our bodies, but it’s also very risky not to used any form of birth control. It’s like a female either uses birth control correctly which may have side effects but is more safe from getting pregnant accidentally, or not using birth control and risk pregnancy at a much higher percentage.


    1. I keep finding that the more we know our body and are in tune with it, the more control we can have over our outcomes. I have felt so uneasy about any birth control altering my body. Although, practicing holistic ways of birth control is never guaranteed either, I personally would rather have my body healthy and practice IS (Intelligent Selecting)…just saying! At the end of the day it remains as a major challenge for women 👩


      1. It is a very big challenge for women.
        If only it were men who had to take the birth control pill LOL :p
        I have friends who use the holistic way of birth control and they’ve done well thus far. As for me personally I don’t want to risk having getting pregnant anytime soon so I do use birth control pills, even with the knowledge of the potential and possible risk factors. I think more women should be informed about the pros and cons and talk to their doctors when making the decision. Now a days I see so many young women getting pregnant because they are afraid to ask their parents or doctors about effective birth control. Or because they listen to their friends whom they themselves are not educated about birth control.


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